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    Sentinel Rock Wealth Management (SRWM) specializes in creating asset preservation and investment management strategies that are tailored to fit you. SRWM is affiliated with the leading asset preservation company Nevada Trust Company. Together we have well over 100 years of combined investment management experience. Each of our clients benefits from our ability to provide innovative solutions for asset preservation, estate planning and administration, business succession planning and investment management.

    We do not believe that any two clients are identical, so we don’t use a “bucket” approach or “rule of thumb” to manage investments. Each relationship begins with a thorough assessment of your goals and objectives along with your household balance sheet, income statement, and personal health and risk tolerance. We believe that any investment strategy should be dynamic therefore we will carefully monitor and incorporate any changes in your financial picture into your broader investment strategy.

    An asset preservation strategy is essential for retirement planning. Our asset specialists will provide you with a comprehensive holdings assessment to determine if you have the proper strategy to help ensure your retirement funds are always there when you need them.

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    Custom Process

    We analyze the full financial picture of our clients in order to build a custom fit solution that focuses on your specific goals and situation.

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    Family Office Services

    We are part of a family of boutique financial services providers with experience across a wide range of disciplines that allow us to act as a family’s personal chief financial officer.

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    Meet Our Team

    The core of our strength is our people. We have assembled a team of professionals with a wide range of knowledge and multiple industry experience that allows us to better understand our client’s perspectives.

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